RescueNet Navigator

Less Noise, Higher Accuracy

RescueNet Navigator is a mapping and routing program that allows crews to electronically communicate with Dispatch by means of time stamps and chat messaging.   Navigator  also displays incident and patient information, making sure crews are prepared for their call.

By leveraging the Sierra Wireless line of AirLink intelligent gateways as a communications and location platform, RescueNet Navigator is able to provide the most accurate and reliable GPS information and data connectivity. 

RescueNet Navigator from ZOLL provides electronic two-way communication between dispatch and crews to ensure that critical information is communicated accurately and in real-time. Navigator also tracks crew status by activity time and location while providing routing guidance.

Product Features and Benefits:
  • The mapping system provides crews with accurate turn by turn directions to quickly navigate the vehicle to the scene
  • Supervisors can monitor the current status of all vehicles including unit locations, status, and assignments at the touch of a button
  • Navigator is now compatible with Garmin devices, providing a cost-effective routing alternative to the full Navigator system
  • Integration with AirLink intelligent Gateways for the most persistent and reliable data and location information

Zoll Data Management

ZOLL leads the way in software solutions for both the fire and EMS industries with products and services to help you manage nearly every part of your operation. With solutions for dispatch, personnel and resource management, critical patient care data management and transfer, billing, and first responder safety, the RescueNet Suite covers the gamut of first responder operations and truly simplifies and maximizes business performance. 

ZOLL continues to be a pioneer in the medical industry.  Continued innovation and integration among ZOLL Medical devices and RescueNet software means critical patient data will get to the people who need it, when they need it.

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